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Lyrics byDanny O'Brien, Justus Brake & Eric Wahl
i ne3d 2 b00stz my FPS cuz 1f 1t g3t5 2 l0\/\/ im skr00d
if i TK 4n0th0r 6uy there g0nna think tat im a n00b

i k1llz my 0nl1/\/3 fr3ndz
t33m d34thm4tch 3vry n1te
wen i getz h0m3 form w0rx
ive g0tz u in my s1tes
ch3x 0ut my trix0rd 0ut c453
ive g0t a g1g 0f RAM
wen y g1ze c my sk1lz
ull w4nt me in ur cl4n
2 hlep u pwn teh n00bs

sum ppl th1nk i h4v3 no lyfe
btu tahtz cuz t3hy ju5t d0/\/t c
that i sp3ndz h0rz on teh l4t35t MMORPG
ok i g2g 4 n0w
c u wh3n E3 cumz ar0und
my fav frag doll w1ll b tehr3
id like 2 p1ng her s3rv3r!!

i k1lll my 0nl1n3 frendz
t33m d3thm4tch ev3ry nit3
wehn i g3tz h0m3 form teh w0rx0rz
ive got u 1/\/ my s1t35
ch3k 0ut /\/\y trixd 0ut c4s3
ive g0tz teh 616 of RAM
wh3n u guyz c my sk1llz
ull w4nt me in ur cla/\/

i n33dz 2 cl33n my m0u53
n33d 2 cl33n my p4r3/\/t5 h0u53
2 maek sum r00mz 4 teh LAN p4rt33
tahts 2nite @ 800
u br1ngz teh ch1pz0rz
ive g0tz p0w4r strpz

i k1l ym ol fr13ndz
t33m d34thm4ch 3vry n1t3
whne i 63t f0rm \/\/0rx
ive g0t u 1n /\/\y s13tz
ch3x 0ut my tr1kt uot c4se
ive g0t 1GB RAM
wen u gize c my sk1lzz
ull w4ntz me 1n ur cl4n
2 h3lp u k1x sum p1x3l8d @$$!!!!!!!!!1

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