Title:Mgmt. Is Me
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Lyrics byDanny O'Brien
So tell me why you want to be
A cog in my machinery
I can tell if what you sell
Is something I might buy
I'm in charge, it's not a scam
They say I'm a successful man
And that's for damn sure
But I am sure I am not sure why

I took responsibility
I voided my own warranty
And that was how it came to be
That mgmt. is me

This merchandise has displeased you
Well, let me see what I can do
It's all in a day's work in this chair I occupy
A hero unsung, a story untold
Customers become regruntled
I exchanged my freak flag for a nametag and a tie

You acted irresponsibly
You voided your own warranty
Now I'm the guy you need to see
'Cause mgmt. is me

Now I can't get back the investment
Of time and brain cells that I seek
But I think I should have thought of that
Before I spent those two whole decades
All coked up and slowly losing my receipt

I took responsibility
I grabbed the opportunity
I can't make any guarantee
But mgmt. is me

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