Title:The Opening Band
Featured onMissing Pieces
Lyrics byDanny O'Brien
Now would be a good time for you to get some food
Go ahead; we won't think you're rude
It's all right; you know we understand
We're only the opening band

This is your last chance to visit the restroom
Because the main act will be up on the stage soon
We're only supposed to be a flash in the pan
We're only the opening band

Come on, let's hear you all chant the main act's name
As if you didn't know they'd be here just the same
Go ahead and do it, and don't feel any shame
We're only the opening band

The real concert is now very close at hand
We know you have a really short attention span
You can just ignore our music and we won't give a damn
'Cause we're only the opening band
We're only the opening band

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