Title:Scrambled Eggs
Featured onMissing Pieces
Lyrics byEric Wahl & Danny O'Brien
Do you remember when I bought the world and my receipt was death?
I'm trapped inside this lifeless life, beyond my final breath
Wandering these busy streets, wondering why me?

I don't remember how I got here; I'm afraid of me
I'd write home but I don't even know where home would be
I'm haunted by the need to haunt you; don't you miss me too?

I've found a way to manifest this odd nocturnal theme
I stand beside your bed each night, just to hear you dream
I liked the dream you had last week; it wasn't about me

I used to eat your scrambled eggs when you were not around
I want to eat them once again, but I am not around
I saw you changed your front door lock, but I can walk through walls

Do you remember when I capped the backup singer in the band?
I didn't trust that guy at all, you have to understand
Look here through my telescope; I'm at the other end

(The doctor told me to undress and turn my head and cough)
Where the hell did you (I) come from? I (you) thought I (you) killed you (me) off
If you're here, I must be here; this is really weird

I used to eat your scrambled eggs, but dead guys don't have teeth
Or stomachs or digestive systems or prosthetic legs
Halloween is coming up, but I can't trick or treat

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