Title:Love You Too, I Guess
Featured onMissing Pieces
Lyrics byJustus Brake & Danny O'Brien
I got up one night and I went on the online
How was I to know I'd find you there?
I guess I should know by now
It happens all the time

So I'll talk and I'll wonder if you'll go away
I hope you do; I really need some sleep
I know what I'll do if you try to write me
I'll say a little something a little like this:

"Don't make me feel dumb"
"That's cool, Gabe has a good voice"
"How am I supposed to know what kind of solo you meant?"
"Love you too, I guess"

Now it's time for round two of Dodge The Boyfriend
Let's see now how I can avoid him
He always embarrasses me in history class
I hate it when he calls me "Sweetbrain"

"I don't have to take this"
"Stop giving me this pile of b.s."
"If you think I'm coming over, then forget about that"
"Love you too, I guess"

"Why don't you call me 'sweetie' and 'honey' in person?
But not to the point where it gets annoying"
"This relationship thing's gone out the window, too, So get lost"
"Love you too, I guess"

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