Title:I Thought the War Was in Virginia
Featured onMissing Pieces
Lyrics byDanny O'Brien
Blue like twin skies
Two shining eyes
Look like the stars
He wants to jump overboard and skydive
Gray like this haze
In his head where stuff stays
Scared, he's afraid
If he lets go then he'll have to fall down
He holds on and
Gray faces blue and debates what to do
Can he find what is true in the gray?

End of the night
Has to leave when it's light
Just a moment in her arms
He wants to just freeze time and stay
Smile on his face
In a soft blue embrace
He lets go, turns away...
Everything inside him turns to gray
He thinks too hard
Gray faces blue and debates what to do
With the picture that she drew in the gray

Four shining eyes
Turn their gaze to the skies
'Cause the stars aren't that far
God gave us eyes to see through, mine are gray, yours are blue
I don't know what to do, but I pray
That if dreams can come true, then between me and you
Someday any space will be too far away

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